New ! Try LuPlayer mobile, a lightweight version of LuPlayer for smartphones.


Three differents modes

One playlist & cart mode, designed to be controlled with 4 faders control surface, or keyboard, with unlimited number of sounds.

The first two faders controls the playlist, and the two others control the cart.

One cart mode, dsigned to be controlled with 8 faders control surface, or keyboard shortcuts, with up to 8 sounds.

One keyboard mapped cart mode, designed to be controlled with keyboard shortcuts, with up to 30 sounds.

Clip editor

Add volume enveloppe points, place in and out marks


Built – in audio recorder, with external audio input

Audio effects

EQ and compressor on each clip

Keyboard, MIDI & OSC Control

Customizable keyboards shortcuts

Midi Mapping

OSC Control with touchOSC (right pictures) or any OSC app


And more

  • Wide variety of audio formats accepted
  • Peak and LU meter
  • Sounds normalization in LU (Loundness Units)
  • Differents output mode : Stereo (Main output and cue output on same stereo output), and double mono (Main output on left, cue on right)
  • Signal generator